Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Many Faces Of Lois Lane

Superman & Lois Lane Made Their Comic Book Debut In
Action Comics #1 (June 1938)
America's Greatest Super Hero & His Girlfried
Became On Overnight Success.
Joan Alexander
By 1940, Superman Was In Homes Nationwide Via Radio.
Lois Lane Was Played by Joan Alexander In Over 1,600 Episodes
Jane's Voice Was Later Used In The Fleischer Studios / Paramount Pictures "Superman" Animated Short Films Shown Before Feature Films In Theatres.

Phyllis Coates
Phyllis (in my opinion) made a better looking Lois Lane
than Noel Neill but she didn't last. 
She's most famous for her role as LL in "Superman And The Mole Men" (1951) and as the Original Lois in the Superman TV production which was suspended after the 1st season so producers could find sponsors. By the time the show went back into production, Phyllis had already committed to something else. She, like most of the others who played Lois, tried to distance herself from the role but did appear in an episode of "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman" (1993).  She went on to become a strong character actor appearing in "Death Valley", "Gunsmoke", "The Patty Duke Show" and many others.
*Thanks to a fan for pointing out our omission of Phyllis!
Noel Neill
Noel Became The 1st Woman To Play Lois In Live Action Films.  She Starred In The Superman Serials "Superman" (1948) & "Atom Man Versus Superman" (1950) Followed By Her Role In
"The Adventures Of Superman" On Television
"The Adventures Of Superman" Ran For 6 Seasons Until The Death Of Lead Actor (Superman), George Reeves (below) of A Gunshot Wound At The Age Of 45. 
While The Official Ruling Was Suicide,
Many Believed He Was Murdered.

Margot Kidder

The 1st Modern Day Lois Lane Was Played By Margot Kidder In "Superman: The Movie" (1978).  Many Found Her An Odd Choice After Her Appearance In Playboy Magazine 3 Years Earlier.
Kidder Appeared In The First 4 Superman Films.  After Going To War With The Producers When They Fired Director Richard Donner, Kidder's Role In Superman III Was Cut To Less Than Five Minutes.  This May Have Been Dumb Luck On Her Part As The Film (Co-Starring Richard Pryor) Was The Worst In The Series.
"Lois, Lois...Are You OK!?!!?
"Give Me A Minute "Man Of Steel". 
Could You See If My Uterus Is Still There?"
"Damn That Hurt. 
It's Going To Take More Than A Bottle Of Bourbon & A Couple Percodane To Get Over That. 
Maybe If I Just Lie Here He'll Think I'm Dead & Fly Away"
Like Noel Neill Before Her, Margot Kidder Claimed To Want Nothing To Do With Superman Once The Series Of Films Had Ended.  But Like Neill Who Appeared In Cameos In Kidder's Superman Films, Kidder Made 3 Appearances As A Doctor On The WB's "Smallville" Series

In 1996 Kidder Suffered A Severe Bout of Paranoai Believing Her Husband Was Trying To Kill Her.  She Changed Her Appearance, Faked Her Death & Ran Away.
Photos Above May Have Been A Clue As To What Was Coming (Too Soon?).
Margot Did Get Help and Continues To Work Including Guest Appearances In "Smallville" and an Ongoing Character On "Boston Commons".

Terry Hatcher

Terry Hatcher Was Signed To A New Television Version Of Superman ("Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman") Alongside Dean Caine (Sept 1993-June 1997)
Lois Testing To Make Sure Her Uterus Is Still There

"Clark, We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This. 
 Superman Would Send Us Both Into
The Phantom Zone If He Caught Us!
At Least Take Off Your Glasses When We're Having Sex! 
 "Na, Na, Na...I'm Dating Superman & You're Not.
Show Her Your Muscles Clark.
Eat Your Heart Out Lana, You Bitch"
Erica Durance
Erica Picked Up The Role Of Lois Lane For Television's "Smallville" Series (2004-2011)
Lois Did Not Appear In The Series Until The 4th Season.

Now Let's Take A Break To Allow Lois Lane aka/Erica Durance
A Chance To Go For A Swim:
Damn The Water's Cold! My Nipples Could Cut Diamonds!
"Clark, You See My Uterus Floating Around Anywhere"
(Called a "Running Gag"-Too Much?)

Kate Bosworth
"Superman Returns"
In "Superman Returns" (2006), Lois (Kate Bosworth) Is Left Alone For Five Years While Superman Travels Distant Universes Looking For Remnants Of His Home Planet Krypton. 
Upon His Return He Finds Lois Married.
And Apparently With Her Own Street Sign???

The Following Is How Superman Sees Lois Using X-Ray Vision During A Day At The Beach:
Shy Little Thing, Isn't She
Amy Adams
"The Man Of Steel" (2013)
Oh Lana, Now I Understand What Clark Saw In You
"Don't Stop!  Superman's A Little Weird About Hanging Out In The Nether Regions. Say's It Reminds Him To Much Of Argo City. (Wow, that's about as obscure as you can get)
She Has Nothing To Do With Superman
Who Cares!!!


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