Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Hemingway Sisters (Superman Continues)

Mariel Hemingway
Daily Planet Editor
Lacy White
"Superman IV: Quest For Peace" (1987) sees Daily Planet Editor Perry White hire his own daughter Lacy
as an editor for the paper give her the opportunity to step on Lois Lane's toes both on the job and
in hopes of getting her hooks into Superman.
Mariel Hemingway is from the famed Hemingway family including grandfather Ernest Hemingway ("Grapes Of Wrath") and her own sister, actress Margaux who you'll see later on this page.
Famous For:
  • Mariel's 1st role co-starring with sister Margaux in "Lipstick" (1976) in which both girls took heat for the violence and graphic rape scene in the film.
  • The rumor that Mariel got breast implant's specifically to play the late Playboy Playmate Dorthy Stratton in "Star 80" (1983). In fact, Mariel claims she had the implants way before plans to make "Star 80" and later had them removed.
  • Judge for yourself.  The next two pics were taken from the movie, "Personal Best" (1982). The following two are Mariel as "Dorthy Stratton in "Star 80".
  • It was rumored (and still is) that Mariel is a lesbian. A fact she denies explaining that she has done several lesbian roles after having made "Personal Best".  That film moved her to take on the Gay & Lesbian cause.
    • Not that there's anything wrong with that (saw that coming, didn't you?)
  • The loss of her sister Margaux to suicide.
    • Margaux Hemingway's body was found in her apartment the day after the anniversary of her Grandfather, Ernest Hemingway's death.
  • "Manhattan" (1979)
  • "The Mean Season" (1985)
  • "Superman IV" (1987)
Margaux Hemingway
Sister Of Mariel
Grandaughter Of Ernest
Famous For:
  • Revlon Model who then signed with Faberge for the largest sum of money any model had ever been offered at that point in time
  • Her modeling career was followed up by an attempt at acting but depression kept her from becoming a success past her initial modeling career.
  • Most of her films went direct to video.  She made much of her money posing for Playboy Magazine and attending conventions where she would charge to sign her photos.


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