Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lora Lor-Van (Kal-El's Mother)

More Women Of Superman
The Christopher Reeves Years

From "Superman: The Movie" Through"Superman IV: The Quest For Peace" these four Superman movies were all part of the series starring "Christopher Reeves" as "The Man Of Steel".
We Start With Kal-El's Mother:
Susannah York
(Lora Lor-Van)
"Jez Mom! Put Some Clothes On.  Pete, Lana...Close Your Eyes. 
And You Wonder Why I Never Bring Friends Home!"
Famous For:
  • British Actress, classically trained in acting but willing to mix it up with appearances on American television like "The Love Boat".
  • British Sex Symbol and minor USA Sex Symbol as well during the 1960s
  • "Tom Jones" (1963)
  • "A Man For All Seasons" (1966)
  • "The Killing Of Sister George" (1968)
    • Shocked American audiences with her role as a lesbian in two films, "Killling of Sister George" and as lover to Liz Taylor in "XY & Z" (1972)
  • "The Shoot Horses Don't They" (1969)
  • "Superman: The Movie" (1978)
  • "Superman II" (1980)
  • "Superman IV: The Quest For Peace" (1984)

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