Monday, April 1, 2013

All Angels Are Not Created Equal

Then Came
Jaclyn, Kate, Cheryl, Shelly & Tanya

Jaclyn Smith
Jaclyn Never Seemed To Fit In This Role.
Should Have Been On "Dynasty" or
Played The Lead In "Mannequin" (hummm, "Mannequin"...Didn't Kim Cattrall Star In That?):
I Feel So Cheap


Kate Jackson
The Cute But Skinny Angel
Kate Would Have Made A Great "Nancy Drew" ("Nancy Drew. Didn't Pamela Sue Martin Star In That?):
I Feel So Cheaperish
Both Jaclyn & Kate Kept The Jewels In The Safe
Even Farrah Debated It For Years Until One Day Realizing It Wasn't Going To Last Forever And Went For It. 

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It Is To Send Me The Hottest Kate Or/And Jaclyn Pic You Can Find
JD's Celebrity Nude Century
Cheryl Ladd
Whoaaa! Didn't See That Comin'!
And We're Off...
Even Cheryl Slipped A Nip Before Britany
The Next Angel Up To Bat...
Shelly Hack
It Was About This Period "The Angels"
Where Falling Out Of Favor With America
No Farrah...No Ratings.
Tanya Roberts
Hey, It's Midge From "That 70s Show"!
"Does My Butt Look Big?"
"Alright, Alright...You've Made Me Wet"
"NO! It's Not OK To Touch Yourself When You
Hear Your Parents Having Sex?"


  1. "No, your butt is just perfect!"

    And so was this section! Well done, humorous as well. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Both Jacklyn and Kate did topless shots. Jacklyn's was a shower scene in an 80's miniseries, but don't expect much.
      Kate's was a topless publicity shot, facing away from thr camera.
      Both are at Mr.Skin, or you can Google.

  2. Hi, came accross this while searching Cheryl Ladd:

  3. Tanya looks like my classmate Madison