Monday, April 1, 2013

Best Ever "Charlie's Angel"!!!

Farrah Fawcett
Best Charlie's Angel Ever!
Famous For:
  • Being The Hottest Charlie's Angel In History (Jill Monroe)
  • From My Home In Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Appeared In 4 Episodes Of "The Six Million Dollar Man" Where She Met Lee Majors
  • Farah's Famous ("Nipple") Poster Remains The Highest Selling Poster In History.
    • 12,000,000 Copies Were Sold
    • Farrah Was An Unknown Actress At The Time. Had Not Signed For "Charlie's Angels" Yet
    • She Made More Money From Her Poster Than She Did From Her Years On "Charlie's Angels"
  • "Charlie's Angels" Was Originally A TV Movie
  • Her Hair ("The Farrah Flip") Became An International Sensation, Copied By Women Around The World.
  • "Charlie's Angels" Was The First "T & A" (Tits & Ass) or "Jiggle TV" Produced In America. Eat That "Baywatch"
  • Farrah Approached Playboy Requesting Her "Gold" Shoot At The Age Of 50.
The 50th Birthday Shoot Was Farrah's Idea. 
She Was Very Excited About It
Planning For Months Before The Big Day
  • Married Lee Majors (1973-1982)
    • Changed Her Professional Name To Farrah Fawcett Majors During That Period
  • Had A Romatic Relationship & Son Out Of Wedlock With Ryan O'Neal (1979-1997)
    • Notice The Overlapping Dates Between Majors & O'Neal.  Apparently Had A Problem With Lee's Dating During Their Marriage.

  • "Myra Breckenridge" (1970)
    • 1st Farrah Nipple Exposed On Screen.  We Were In The Digital Age Before Anyone Could See It Though.
  • "Logan's Run" (1976)
  • "Charlie's Angels" (1976-1980 TV)
  • "Saturn 3" (1980)
    • 2nd Farrah Nipple Exposed On Film. You Could Almost Catch It On Your VCR. Damn Shaking Tapety, Tape, VCR Tape Thingy! You Kids Better Appreciate Your Digital Toys.  Now Get Off My Lawn. 
    • I Digress. It Was An Exciting Event:
  • "Cannonball Run" (1981)
  • "The Burning Bed" (1984 TV)
    • First Time The Press & Public Noticed She Might Be Much More Talented Than Suspected
  • "The Apostle" (1995)

 Farrah Pulled A Few "Lindsay Lohans" Before Lindsay, Britney Or Paris Were Born:
This One's From "Charlie's Angels". 
Got Missed In Editing. Yeah, Right.
And We're Back To Showing The Goods On Purpose

"My Boobs Are So Great They Bring A Tear To MY Eyes"


  1. I love to sux her tits

  2. A fine woman, great bod, absolutely beautiful smile, and sometimes the powers-that-be would let her act. Word I got was that she was pretty decent in real life as well. R.I.P.