Friday, April 5, 2013

Laura Prepon & "Those 70s Girls"

Laura Prepon
"Those 70s Girl"
See...If You Wish Hard Enough, Dreams Come True!
Laura Prepon of "That 70s Show" finally topless from the film,
"Lay The Favorite" (2012)! 
Famous For:
  • "That 70's Show" (1998-2006)
  • Having One Network Flop After Another
    • Who Cares.  I'd spend an evening watching her walk her dog.  (Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't)
 That's Laura with Taylor Shilling (washing her hair)
in 4 pics above.
Now It's Your Turn Mila!
 "Black Swan" (2010) w/Natalie Portman  
"Close but I don't think I'm buying it"
Lisa Robinson Kelly
(Laurie Foreman)
Busted 3 Times: Spousal abuse of 61 year old husband (charges dropped), DWI & another domestic dispute.
Man, that's a long way to fall in such a short time
Tanya Roberts
(Midge Pinciotti)
Let's Throw In A Couple Shots Of Donna's Mom
See The Entire "Set" Here:
(Bottom Of Page)

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