Sunday, June 9, 2013

10 Rare Nudes #7 (Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Angie Harmon...)

10 Rare Nudes (#7)

This section is not so much about rare photos
as it is celebrities who rarely or never appear nude.
Here you'll find those "one-timers", accidental pokies,
nipple slips or those caught totally nude by the paparazzi.

 Emma Watson

 Yeardley Smith
(Actress & Voice Of Lisa Simpson)

 Angie Harmon

 Elizabeth Ashley

 Judy Greer
 Yvonne De Carlo

 Jessica Alba

 Elizabeth Moss

 Kim Delaney

Joey Lauren Adams


  1. Awesome web site. Great job! Keep them coming. Love the beautiful stars who share their talents!

  2. Elizabeth Ashley had the sexiest voice I've ever heard. Just finished Judy Greer's new book. It's well worth a read. Yeardly Smith captures are from the film, "Ginger Ale Afternoon." This is a fine post.