Monday, June 3, 2013

Chloë Sevigny ("American Horror Story")

Chloë Sevigny 
Chloë has not only had no problem showing off her body on screen, she appeared in the infamous film, "The Brown Bunny" AFTER having appeared in the Oscar winning film "Boys Don't Cry" and during her stint on the HBO hit, "Big Love".  Her talent agency dropped her after "The Brown Bunny" saying her career was over due to the non-simulated oral sex scene (below).  Her career has continued to thrive after receiving rave reviews for her roles on both "Big Love" and "American Horror Story".  
She has also covered just about ever other type of sex role...

 Lover of Transgendered Teen (Played by Hillary Swank):
 Michelle Williams Lover:
 Even woman with a penis:
Many in Hollywood think she's crazy.  I like to think she's just 
"not shy".  Great actress too.
 Chloë on right (above 2 pics)

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