Saturday, May 4, 2013

10 Rare Nudes #3 (Sheryl Crow, Tatum O'Neal, Julia Roberts)

10 Rare Nudes (#3)
This section is not so much about rare photos as it is celebrities who rarely or never appear nude.  Here you'll find those "one-timers", nipple slips or those caught totally nude by the paparazzi.  This is an ongoing project so look for more
10 Rare Nude" sections to come.
Alisson Pill
"The Newsroom" (HBO)

 Julia Roberts
"Pretty Woman"

 Stefanie Powers
"Hart To Hart"

Sheryl Crow
Singer/Former Lance Armstrong Girlfriend
 Tuesday Weld
"Cinncinati Kid"

Jenna Bush
President George W Bush's Daughter
Fraternal twins Barbara & Jenna Bush
 Paparazzi missed the shot on above pic when Jenna's
strap broke and Daddy came to the rescue.

Katherine Ross
"Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid"
 3 pics above from remake of "Stepford Wives".  Work of a make up artist.  As you'll see below, Katherine was never that...substantial.
 Am I seeing what I hope I'm seeing (above)!?!?
This pic has been floating around and debated for years.

 Hilary Swank
"Boys Don't Cry"

Melissa Gilbert
"Little House On The Prairie"
Melissa Grows Up

Yes, Melissa is checking out exactly what you think she's checking out.  Apparently so is Robert Conrad (below) and he's happy to be there.  Gotta love ABC for all the wet nips and crotches they showed America on the 70s show, "Battle Of The Network Stars".  And people asked how that crap became a hit show. I was more surprised by some of the actresses who agreed to appear knowing there was a "No Bra/No Underwear" rule.

Tatum O'Neal
"Paper Moon"
 At the time Tatum (Daughter or Ryan O'Neal) was the youngest winner of an Oscar in history. You'll notice she also grew up.