Friday, May 10, 2013

Lili St Cyr (Silent Films/Stripper)

Lili St Cyr

Famous For:
  • Lili was as famous for her arrests for public nudity and publicity this brought as for anything else.  While her movie career never took off she did appear in quite a few films. 
  • Howard Hughes attempted to make her a star in 1955 when he gave her a shot in "Son Of Sinbad".  The Catholic League went into an uproar.  Even so, Lili became a household name during her lifetime. 
  • She saw a resurgence in the 1950s brought on by the resurgence of Betty Page. 
  • Lili's name is mentioned in one of the songs in the 1940 hit musical "Pal Joey".
  • "Rocky Horror Picture Show" fans will recognize her name from the movie. Susan Sarandon sings "God Bless Lilli St Cyr" as the final line of her song, "Don't Dream It".