Saturday, May 11, 2013

10 Rare Nudes #4 (Meredith Baxter, Teri Garr, Taylor Swift...)

10 Rare Nudes (#4)

This section is not so much about rare photos
as it is celebrities who rarely or never appear nude.
Here you'll find those "one-timers", accidental pokies,
nipple slips or those caught totally nude by the paparazzi.
Meredith Baxter
("Family Ties")

 Alisson Sweeney
"The Biggest Loser"

 Jaimie Alexander
 All the following from the movie "Rest Stop" starring Jaimie

 Taylor Swift

 Melinda Dillon
"Close Encounters Of The Third Kind"

 Sofia Vergara
"Modern Family"

 Deborah Kerr
"From Here To Eternity"

 Pamela Franklin
"The Legend Of Hell House"

 Teri Garr
"Young Frankenstein"
 "Roll, Roll, Roll In Ze Hay"
 "What Knockers"
Stick around as I will be quoting "Young Frankenstein" in it's entirety.  4 shows a day.

Sue Ane Langdon
"The Cheyenne Social Club"
 In "The Rounders"
Guest Starring On "The Andy Griffith Show"