Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Top 10 Nude Scenes In Cinema

Top Ten Nude Scenes

This catagory has started more than a few arguments.  Send me your top sex scenes and those with the most votes will be added as a "Voters Top 10" at a later date.
"The Hot Spot"
Jennifer Connelly
This was the 1st time I noticed Jennifer. 
After this I started to look for her films.

"The Wrestler"
Marisa Tomei
It took years for Marisa to do a nude scene. 
When she finally did it she did it right.

Halle Berry
Halle's 1st nude scene.  It was rumoured that producers offered her an extra million to do 1 topless scene.  I'm pretty sure that paid for itself once word got out.
Her next film, "Monster's Ball" might actually have a better nude scene but the shock of seeing Halle's play puppies on display for the 1st time is something few men will ever forget.

Kate Winslet

"Boogie Nights"
Heather Graham

Kelly Preston

"American Pie"
Shannon Elizabeth

"Wild Things"
Denise Richards

Angelina Jolie
"Gia" and "Taking Lives" both have great nude scenes but "Gia" wins as it kickstarted her career and girl on girl
always wins over girl on guy.
 Actually 3 scenes from same movie...
so I cheated and you got more hot shots so no complaints accepted.

"Fast Times At Ridgemont High"
Phoebe Cates
This one already has it's own page (Best Nude Scene Ever) but you can never get enough of Phoebe in "Fast Times"
"Black Snake Moan"
Christina Ricci