Thursday, May 2, 2013

Babes of "Survivor"

Babes Of
Jerri Manthey

Jenna Marasco & Heidi Strobal
Heidi & Jenna made "Survivor" history by offering
nudity in exchange for peanut butter.
This lead to a spread in Playboy magazine
 Heidi Strobal
Jenna Marasco

Jenna Lewis

 And the "accidentally leaked" sex tape:

Ami Cuscak

Jessica Kiper


Sarah Jones

Rita Verreos

Ashley Massaro

Candace Smith

Christa Hastie


Michelle Chase

 Courtney Yates


Sierra Reed

 Sorry To Say My Two Personal Favorites
Haven't Taken The Completely Nude Route Yet...

Amanda Kimmel

Amber Bikrch
w/Boston Rob