Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 Rare Nudes #2 (Emma Watson, Candice Bergen, Winona Ryder)

10 Rare Nudes (#2)
This section is not so much about rare photos
as it is celebrities who rarely or never appear nude.
Here you'll find those "one-timers", accidental pokies,
nipple slips or those caught totally nude by the paparazzi.
This is an ongoing project so look for more
"10 Rare Nude" throughout Celebrity Nude Century.

Winona Ryder

Carol Channing

Eva Longoria

 Candice Bergen

 Kimberly Williams
Also Known As Mrs. Brad Paisley (Country Singer)

 Lea Michele
Series of shots from Lea's nude appearance in
 Broadway's "Spring Awakening"

 Connie Seleca

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Married To Will Smith

Emma Watson
 Guess Nipple Tape Isn't Always 100%
Tina Louise
"Gilligan's Island"