Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jean Harlow (The Platinum Bombshell)

Jean Harlow
Famous For:
The film, "Platinum Blond" made her the bigggest sex symbol in America as well as her nickname, "The Platinum Bombshell".
She was Godmother to gangster Bugsy Seigel's daughter.
Notorious for never wearing underway and sleeping in the nude.
Would put ice on her nipples just prior to shooting a scene in order to "look sexier".
"Hell's Angels" (1930)
"The Public Enemy" (1931)
"Platinum Blond" (1931)
"Red Dust" (1932)
"Libeled Lady" (1936)
"Suzy" (1936)
"Saratoga" (1937)
She died at the age of 26 while making the film, "Saratoga".  Cause of death; renal (kidney) failure or uremic poisoning.  Because of her fame and her death at such an early age, "Sartoga" broke all box off records to that point in history.