Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" Babes

"Invasion Of The Body Snatchers"
The Best Sci-Fi Movie Ever Made...
SO GOOD They Made It 4 Times!
1957, 1978, 1993 & 2007 
That's A Good Idea...Poke The Pod With A Stick
"So Doctor, You Ever Seen Dana Over There Naked?
I Was Hoping To Get A Shot With Her
By Scaring Her With These Pods."
"Wonder If It's OK To Keep Going If She Becomes
A Pod Person Before I'm Finished?"
"Oh Shit...She's A Pod Person!"
"Guess I Better Hurry"

"There Coming! There Coming!"
At Least I'll Get A Cameo In the Next Version And
There'll Be Naked Women In It.  I
 Won't Have To Deal With That Prude Dana. Can't Believe
She Had A "No Touching My Nipples Even By Accident" Clause.  I SWEAR! It WAS An Accident!
"Invasion Of The Body Snatchers"

 Brooke Adams



"Look, Look! There's Finally Some Nudity On This Page!!!"
"Look, Look...There's Finally Something That
Relates To This Page!!!
He's A Pod Person, A Pod Person I Tell You!!!"
"Quick, Check Out Veronica Cartwright Who
Was Also In This Movie! 
Do It Now Before The Pod People Get You!"
"Over Here!  It's Me!"
Veronica Cartwright

"I swear to you...I would never have done those pornos if I
hadn't been turned into a Pod Person!"
"Body Snatchers" (1993)
Gabrielle Anwar
"Don't Fall Asleep...Don't Fall Asleep...
DAMN! If Feel Asleep!"
"Help ME!  I Fell Asleep & Grew Daisies
Where My Tits Used To Be!"
"Hurry, pluck me, pluck me!"
"Don't Stop...Keep Plucking Me!"
"Ahhh, that's better"
"Damn, fell asleep again" 
Hey Mister, could you please pluck me?"
"Thank you Dude, whoever you are.  Gotta run now"
Oh My God! 
I Think My Buds Are Growing Back Again.
Meg Tilly
"I'm IN This Movie And I Don't Have A Clue
What Gabrielle Is Talking About???"
I Heard Pods Are Afraid Of Water
Damn Pods Got Her! 
I Heard They Were Afraid Of Water.
Good News Though, She Was Carrying
 Nake Photos Of Her Sister...
For no good reason except that she's hot and looks a little
like Meg so some of you may think she was in this movie...
"No, My Name Is Jennifer Tilly &
I Never Even Saw This Movie!"
"No...JENNIFER Tilly damn it!  I never even saw Meg in
"Body Snatchers" because I heard it sucked Pods"
Now to throw you off even more; let's tie Jennifer Tilly to Gina Gershon in the tremendous lesbian film, "Bound" for no other reason than it was serious hot and I want to show
Gina & Jennifer's boobies touching while they make out.
Thank you for your close attention.  Now that I've finished touching Gina's boobies, I think I'll touch my own:
Nicole Kidman
"The Invasion" (2007)
"Bobby...This better be from one of those pods
I've been hearing about!"
"No, No...Not A FOURTH Pod Movie!"
"What Can I Do So I Don't Fall Asleep Watching This Thing...
Sorry, I Meant So I Don't Become A Pod Person."
"Well That Helped But I'm Still A Little Sleepy...
"No, No...It's A Pod Person!  Thought I Got Rid Of Him!"
Oh, what the hell...I was starting to feel a little drousy again.  Can't take a chance on becoming one of those Pod...
Oh forget it...
And Now Our Final Pod Person Guest.
From "The Invasion" (2007)
Put Your Hands Together For:
Malin Åkerman
Sorry, Malin's part in this movie was so small she didn't even show up in the credits. You'll have to wait for more Malin.
"Women Of The Watchmen Nude"
Starring Malin Akerman & Carla Gugino