Sunday, April 14, 2013

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers
"Three's Company"

Suzanne Somers
One Of TVs Great Dumb Blonds
Famous For:

  • Her Tits
  • "Three's Company" was a one gag show centered on Chrisy's boobs and missing brain
  • Was diagnoised with dyslexia
  • Sold Millions Of "Thigh Masters" Becoming One Of The 1st "Sold On TV" Product Celebs
  • Although viewers tuned in for Suzanne, the network fired her after she asked for a raise in the 5th season.  Ratings plummeted without her.
  • "Starsky & Hutch" (1975-1977)
    • Appeared several times but always playing a different character
  • "Three's Company" (1977-1981)
  • "She's The Sheriff" (1987-1989)

Arrested In 1970 for passing bad checks