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Russ Meyer's 'Babes Of Weird Cinema"

Russ Myer's
"Babes Of Weird Cinema"
Russ Myer's Work In Cinema Is Legendary And Had Tremendous Effect On Many Who Would Follow Including:
  • Quinton Tarentino ("Pulp Fiction")
  • Robert Rodriguez ("Desperado"), 
  • John Landers ("Animal House")
  • John Waters ("Hairspray"/"Cry Baby")
  • There Would Be No "Pulp Fiction", "Death Wish"(Charles Bronson), "Pink Flamingos" Or "Caged Heat"
  • He Was Oddly A Director For The Masses But Not Everyones Taste...Count Me A Fan
Myer's Work Was Graffic; Sometimes Very
Violent & Sexual And, Without A Doubt...
Unique To It's Time. 
Famous For:
  • Always Casting Only Women With Abnormally Large Breasts In His Films
  • The 1st Sex Film To Gross Over 1 Million Dollars
    • "The Immortal Mr. Teas" (1959)
  • "Faster Pussycat!, Kill!, Kill!, Kill! (1965)
  • "Motor Psycho" (1965)
  • "Vixen" (1968)
  • "Cherry, Harry & Raquel" (1970)
  • "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" (1970) 
    • Written By Famed Critic Roger Ebert!
  • "The Seven Minutes" (1971)
    • Based on the Irving Wallace Novel/1st Attempt at Mainstream Filmmaking and a huge flop
  • "Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra-Vixens" (1979)
Russ Myer's Coolest Title:
Drum Roll Please!
The Award For Best Movie Poster EVER Goes To:
This Film Was The Ultimate Inspiration For
Tarantino's "Grindhouse" Films
Also Starring
Tura Satana
There's Nothing Like Spending Your Day Demoralizing Men Who Demoralize Women...Especially If You Demoralize That Man In Front Of His Woman. 
If His Kids Are There To See It That's Just An Added Bonus. 
Now Let's Be Off...
"Yes, Yes, I am a bad ass ho bag.  Thank you so much for noticing.  Do you have any Cheetos?
I saw you hide one up your nose!"
 "Sorry about sure looked like a Cheeto.  You should have that looked at.  What can I do to make it up to you?
Anytime Sailor!
Eve Meyer

Famous For:
  • American Pin Up Girl Of The 1950s
  • Playboy Playmate (June 1955)
  • Eve Began Her Work With Russ Meyer In A Couple Of Films Including:
    • "Operations Dames" (1959)
    • "Eve & The Handyman" (1961)
  • Eve Moved Into The Roll Of Producing Virtually Every Myer Film From 1964-1973 After Becoming Russ' Wife
  • Died Aboard Pan Am Flight 1736 On Way To Canary Islands When Plane Struck By KLM Flight 4805. The Deadliest Disaster In Aviation History. 335 Deaths
Kitten Natividad

Famous For:
  • Legendary Cult Film Star

  • Porn, Exotic Dancer, Mainstream Film

  • Mexican Immigrant Who Worked As Actress Stella Stevens Cook Before Being Discovered By Myer

  • Appearing In Minor Roles In Feature Films Due To Her Cult Status:

    • "Airplane" (1980)'

    • "My Tutor" (1983)

    • "Another 48 Hours (1990)

    Uschi Digard
    My Personal Favorite!
     By Far My Favorite Russ Myer Film. Weird, Sexy, Scary...I Thought About It For Months After Seeing It The First Time. And It Had The Added Bonus Of Having Two Of Playboy Magazine's Hottest Ever Pin Ups: Dolly Read and Cynthia Myers As Stars.
    Dolly Read
    Cynthia Myers
    Edy Williams
    And That's Only A Small Part Of The Story Of Russ Myer & The Women In His Life.  Let Us Know If You Had A Special "Pussycat" In Your Life & We Will Add Her To The List!

    Now We Pay Tribute To Russ:
    He Would Have Liked That!


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