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Hedy Lamarr Born 100 Years Ago (1913)

Hedy Lamarr
Born 100 Years Ago (1913)
Opps! Sorry! I Thought You Said
"Hedly Lamarr"!
Many Believed Hedy Lamarr Was The Most Beautiful Actress Of Her Time. Among The Believers Was
Louis B. Mayer, Studio Boss For MGM.
Hedy Lamarr Would Have Been 100 Years Old In 2013 Had She Survived.  Probably Still Be Running Around Naked But The Effect Wouldn't Be The Same.
The Picture Above (Showing Hedy Lamarr Running Through The Woods) Was The "Naked Run Heard 'Round The World!" It Was Promoted As The 1st Nude Scene In A Major Motion Picture.  German Actress Hedy Lamarr not only ran around naked but simulated masturbation on camera as well. 
That act made headlines around the world getting her a Hollywood contract.  The movie was "Ecstacy" (1933).  In fact, two other foreign films had beaten her to the punch but they didn't get the press that Hedy Lamarr and "Ecstacy" received.
Hedy was the "IT Girl" of her time;
the biggest star in Hollywood. 
Being happy to show her "Naughty Bits" probably didn't hurt.
Hedy Lamarr's career was so big that artists worldwide painted her likeness while singers wrote and sang of her beauty. The following is just a few samples of the greatness that was Miss Lamarr in the eyes of the public.  Just goes to show what whipping out your "Ta-Ta's" in public will do for you.  A lesson learned well by many of today's "Stars" famous for nothing other than whipping it out and/or stuffing it in then "accidentally" having pics "leaked". 
Personally, I Think It's A Good Policy"
Famous For:
  • Supposed 1st Nude Scene Recorded On Film For A Major Motion Picture. Definitely The 1st To Show A Woman Simulate Orgasm Through Use Of A Showerhead. Sorry, There Were No Showerheads?  OK, Through Use Of A Well Pump In The Front Yard.
  • Made Headlines For Turning Down The Leads In Both Gaslight (1940) and Casablanca (1942); At The Time, Two Of The Largest Hits In Movie History.   "Casablanca" Remains (even today) One Of The Outstanding Films In American History. I Believe It Would Have Been Even Bigger Had Hedy (as Ilsa) Shown Up Naked At Rick's Place and Told Dooley To "Play It Again".
  • "Ecstacy" (1933)
  • "Boomtown" (1940)
  • "Ziegfield Girl" (1941)
  • Cecil B. DeMille's "Samson And Delilah", The Highest Grossing Film Of 1949
Hedy & Clark Gable
Hedy Lamarr Sued Mel Brooks Claiming Invasion Of Privacy Over The Use Of The Name "Headly Lamarr" in the Film; "Blazing Saddles". Brooks Settled For A Small Amount. Heady became famous for her law suits over time. Harvey Korman Played "Hedly Lamarr" In The Movie.

WHAT!?! You Thought He Was The Woman On The Right? 
Here's Where It Gets Really Weird! 
Hedy (seen above), was the co-inventor (with composer George Antheil) of the earliest known form of the telecommunications method known as "frequency hopping" which used a piano roll to change between 88 frequencies and was intended to make radio-guided torpedoes harder for enemies to detect or to jam.
I Have No Idea What That Means But I'm Still Impressed.

So she was the hottest actress, inventor, law suit
happy, clothes averse babe of the early 1900s.
AND...Hedy's Face Is On The Cover Of Modern Day
Product "Corel Draw" In Germany (below) ???

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  1. Wow,MS Hedy Lamarr could give lots of to days " stars" a run for the money. What a Vixen, thanks MS. Lamarr, truley one of the great beauties of all time. You will forever live in our hearts,Love you.*******