Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Susan Dey "The Partridge Babe"

Susan Dey
"The Partridge Babe"
Raise Your Hand If You Fell In Love With Laurie Partridge The First Time She Faked Playing An Instrument &
Lip Synced "Come On, Get Happy?
Now That Just Made Things Worse!!!  Can I Keep Her?
Apple Reports Latest Follow Up To I Pad 137 To Be
Susan Dey Sex Droid
Famous For:
  • Hottest Member Of The Partridge Family.  The Cowsills Refused A TV Contract So The Network Made Up A Band. They Got The Idea After The Monkees Had So Much Success Putting Together A Bunch Of Strangers Who Couldn't Sing.
  • Pretending To Play The Piano, Hammond Organ (insert joke here) and harmonize.  I do think she had the tamberine nailed though but a monkee could do that.  I think Heidi Klum taught her monkee to play bongo.
  • Playing "Hide The Meat Whistle" with David Cassidy (or so David would have us believe).
    • Maybe That's The Hammond Organ Susan Played. (See, I Knew There Was Something There)
  • "The Partridge Family" (1970-1974)
  • "LA Law" (1986-1992)
Now Get Your Cuteness Out Of Here Before I Call The Cops!

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